Locating a Dual Diagnosis Treatment Facility

Dual diagnosis refers to simultaneous and coordinated treatment is accorded to individuals that suffer from substance abuse and a mental illness. In most cases, these conditions occur together and the treatment must be offered in such a way that it addresses each condition. If one of the conditions is addressed but not the other, the required relief may not be realized. It is believed that mental disorders especially influence many people to begin abusing drugs.

Many people are in need of dual diagnosis treatment if recent statistics from the American Medical Association are anything to go by. According to the statistics, about 50% of people that suffer from mental disorders are also affected by substance abuse. The statistics also show that about 29% of all patients diagnosed with mental illnesses also suffer from drugs abuse. This is a complex condition that requires specialized medical care if the patient is to get relief.

Locating a Dual Diagnosis Treatment Facility

According to the US Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, a person suffering from dual diagnosis has better chances of recovering if the treatments are offered by the same same place. The good news is that there are several dual diagnosis treatment facilities in every state. There is help for every person that needs it. You just need to research in order to choose the best.

The cost of dual diagnosis treatment in the US varies. If you do not have comprehensive medical insurance, it may be very costly. It is highly recommended that you undertake the dual diagnosis at only one facility. Walking from one dual diagnosis treatment facility to another may make the treatment process conflict each other and you will not recover.

You can find contacts, details, and information about dual diagnosis treatment facilities in many sites on the internet. There are free facility locator sites that contain the addresses, reviews, and testimonials about each. The treatment of dual diagnosis requires special expertise that normal drug abuse medication and counseling doesn’t offer. Dual diagnosis patients may need housing assistance, relationship management, money, family counseling, etc., in order to deal with what is causing their mental disturbance. The best dual diagnosis treatment facilities offer all of these, but may be costly.

Dual diagnosis patients must be educated on stress management and how to avoid the associations and environments that may lead to drug abuse. It is important to note that dual diagnosis treatment takes longer than the treatment for only substance abuse or mental disorders. The treatment is very gradual because it involves treating two separate medical conditions which aggravate each other. If untreated, dual diagnosis can have very serious consequences, including committing suicide, violence, homelessness, or insanity.

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