What Are Dual Diagnosis Treatment Facilities?

To understand what dual diagnosis treatment facilities are, it is important to understand what dual diagnosis is. Dual diagnosis refers to the condition in which a patient is suffering from a common co-occurring condition of drug abuse and a mental disorder. The dual diagnosis treatment facilities refer to the settings in which patients can get treatment for dual diagnosis.

In the past, mental disorders used to be treated separately while addiction to substances was similarly taken as an independent problem. The earlier approach was not effective because many cases of relapse were reported. Dual diagnosis treatment that is offered at these facilities is the best way of treating the dual diagnosis condition.

The dual diagnosis treatment is offered in a very professional way, so that the two treatments support each other. If the dual diagnosis treatment is professionally offered, the patient suffering from dual diagnosis is very likely to recover fully.

What Are Dual Diagnosis Treatment Facilities?

Dual diagnosis treatment facilities mainly provide the Programs, Staff, and Enviroment where treatment can be offered.

Programs – Dual diagnosis treatment facilities have several programs for the treatment of dual diagnosis. Dual diagnosis is a serious condition which requires professional intervention. These programs include holistic programs, faith based programs, 12-step programs, detoxification, counseling, and ongoing support. These programs are aimed at treating addiction and the mental disorder. They are also aimed at countering withdrawal symptoms. It is generally expected that the patient will experience unpleasant symptoms referred to as withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms are, in most cases, severe. Good dual diagnosis treatment facilities have programs to ensure that these symptoms are countered as much as possible.

Staff – Dual diagnosis treatment facilities have the qualified medical and support staff that offers dual diagnosis treatment. They include psychologists, medical doctors, substance abuse rehab counselors, physiotherapists, nutritionists, psychiatrist, etc. Through the combined effort of these professionals, dual diagnosis patients are likely to recover from and overcome addiction. It is highly recommended that you conduct the necessary reviews in order to be assured that the facility which you want rehab has the required staff to offer treatment.

Enviroment – Dual diagnosis treatment facilities offer the best environment for the dual diagnosis condition. They offer free and relaxed environments in which the patient is offered the best treatment and is educated on how to live without drugs. Unless you are not committed, you are advised to undertake the dual diagnosis treatment as an inpatient. Dual diagnosis treatment facilities have the qualified professionals to treat and help patients overcome their situations. The dual diagnosis treatment facilities customize the dual diagnosis treatment in order to suit the needs and interests of the patient. By doing so, they offer patient the best environment for recovery.

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