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Dual diagnosis is a term that describes the condition in which a person is affected by alcohol or drug abuse and also has a psychiatric or emotional disorder. This is a complex health situation that requires very special treatment if the patient is to experience any relief. The treatment is offered at dual diagnosis treatment facilities. If you or your friend or relative is suffering from this condition, you should take quick steps to ensure that they are accorded the most appropriate medical treatment. The earlier the condition is diagnosed and the appropriate medical attention offered the better.

Note that not every substance abuse rehab center qualifies to be a dual diagnosis treatment facility. In most rehab centers that do not have dual diagnosis, medical experts may misdiagnose a person suffering from dual diagnosis as only suffering from drug abuse only. In case there is a misdiagnosis of dual diagnosis as a drug abuse problem, the patient is likely to revert to abuse of the drug after undergoing detoxification, or the treatment may not even work.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Facilities

According to medical statistics, dual diagnosis is a rampant and common problem. Most people suffer from it but do not realize. Others suffer from it but the condition is not properly diagnosed because the symptoms of psychiatric and emotional disorders resemble those of addiction.

Medical statistics show that 53% of drug abusers and 37% of people that abuse alcohol suffer from an emotional disorder that increases the addiction to drugs and alcohol. The statistics show that 29% of people that have been diagnosed with emotional disorders also are addicted to alcohol or drugs. These conditions influence each other while further complicating the problem.

Even experienced medical doctors admit that it is not very easy to diagnose and treat emotional problems. People who have emotional problems are very likely to abuse drugs as a way of getting temporary relief from the condition. The abuse of drugs in most cases acts as the quick relief to complicated psychological problem. The most common mental conditions which accompany addiction to alcohol or drugs include schizophrenia, anxiety, and depression.

Dual diagnosis presents itself through eating disorders or through the increase of drug abuse. People suffering from this may have too much craving for food or have no interest in eating. They may abuse two types of addictive drugs in order to feel high and get the relaxed feeling that they want.

Dual diagnosis treatment facilities have skilled counselors and professionals that address the psychological disorders and the drug abuse together. These treatments should be offered professionally in a way that they complement and support, but not contradict each other.

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